Trader: trades futures products on the platform.

Liquidity Provider (LP): creates trading pairs, supplies liquidity to the system, always ready to make prices based on model and earn majority of the trading fees.

Liquidator: liquidates traders’ positions when margin is insufficient. SynFutures provides two ways for liquidators:

  • Initiate a trade with liquidator’s own account funds and take over the trader’s position as well as remaining margin.

  • Initiate a transaction for trader to close its position with Auto Liquidator (in v1, the AMM itself).

System Maintainer: helps maintain the operations of the system including system’s trade state update and some other required services such as bug fix, code contribution etc. as the system develops in a later stage, and earn rewards.

Insurance Fund: part of trader’s remaining margin when liquidation happens would go to insurance fund and be paid out to liquidator and AMM when liquidation results in balance insolvency.

System Reserve Fund: part of the trader’s trading fees would go to system reserve fund to serve as insurance fund.

Oracle: supplies pricing data to the system.

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