To add liquidity, LP transfers the Quote asset token only to the sAMM, among which half is used as Quote asset, and the other half to synthesize the position of the Base asset, that is, to create a 1x LONG position of the Base asset for this futures contract. LP would then receive the respective LP tokens.

Since LP originally held Quote assets only and did not have any exposure to the price risk of Base assets, sAMM will at the same time allocate a SHORT position of the same size as the newly created LONG position to the same user to hedge this risk.

Removing liquidity from the sAMM follows a similar process where the sAMM would reduce its LONG position and allocate the reduced LONG position to the user requesting to remove liquidity and return the margin token to the user. Similarly, the action of removing liquidity from the sAMM does not change the total risk of the liquidity provider.

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