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What is SynFutures' BTC Hash Rate(BTCHASH)Futures? Is it a cloud mining token?
What does 1 long position of BTCHASH represent? What is being "longed"?
When would a trader gain profit or suffer from loss? How are the Profit and Loss ("PnL”) settled?
What are the use cases for Hash Rate Futures?
Bob is a miner who wants to lock in return and hedge against change in mining difficulty. How can he use the Hash Rate Futures?
Bob wants to arbitrage between mining power and Hash Rate Futures. How can he do it?
Bob has a strong view on the direction of the future mining difficulty changes. How can he trade on it?
Historically Bitcoin mining difficulty has been trending up. Would everyone short the futures contract to long difficulty? When should someone long the futures to short difficulty?
How do I hedge against changes in mining difficulty for a period longer than 14 days?
Why can I only choose certain dates or block height on the App as maturity?
As difficulty resetting time is uncertain, why can I see a calendar date as a maturity date, corresponding to the difficulty resetting date on the app?
Why is there a spot difficulty index in the design? Isn't BTC mining difficulty a fixed value and being updated every two weeks?
How often does spot difficulty index get updated?
What is mark price used for?
What is the exact definition of the underlying for one BTCHASH futures contract?
Is the mining difficulty oracle for BTCHASH centralized? Can it be manipulated by the SynFutures Team?